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Empowering businesses with innovative AI solutions to enhance safety, operate more efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Based on experience

With years of experience in safety innovation, we understand the customer needs and that every industry has its own set of safety rules and regulations. Therefore, our team creates custom-made solutions utilizing the most suitable technologies and equipment.

Based on expertise

Our expertise lies in AI image processing, neural networks, and machine learning, along with broad knowledge and background in workplace safety. We are always up-to-date with the latest cameras and sensors suitable for safety purposes and we stay a few steps ahead in innovative technologies.

Based on trust

As a group of safety tech enthusiasts, we put reliability and high-quality service for our clients first. We look at every new use case with fresh eyes, and open minds, committed to suggesting the most suitable solution. In AVALTAR, we value openness the ability to support and hear our customers out for the efficient protection of peoples’ lives.

„We are here to assist HSE managers, directors, and owners to keep an eye on their workplace safety, no matter how big or small their organization is.

We‘ve developed systems that will improve efficiency, reduce costs, Wand increase safety, all at once. You can come to us with any of your safety concerns and trust that we will handle them with care and expertise.“

Barbora Valtarová, founder & CEO

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